Ladies Polyester Feather Scarf 

If you are looking for a scarf to use as a fashion statement as well as keeping you mildly warm then these ladies 100% polyester scarves are a choice for you to consider.

These scarves are made with a feather style creating a distinct look. They are knitted with lots of different colours, some have the same colour feathers throughout like the cream or purple styles. Some are mixed such as the cream and brown style. In total there are 7 fashionable colours to choose between. They are an ideal gift or a great stocking filler for Christmas time.

These scarves are a regular length and are available in 7 colours. They are made from 100% polyester and they are machine washable.

Extra Product Details

- Ladies Scarfs
- 100% Polyester
- Feather Style
- Fashionable
- 7 Colours
- Ideal Gift
- Machine Washable

Ladies Luxury Feather Scarf

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