Food for Good Causes!

Do you have a few hours to spare one morning or afternoon? Perhaps you can commit a couple of days a week? Volunteering at Felix project is flexible to fit around your other commitments.

Every year 1.9 million tonnes of avoidable food waste is generated by the UK food industry. At the same time food poverty is a huge and is a growing problem, almost 4 million children in the UK live in households that struggle to afford to buy enough fruit, vegetables, fish and other healthy foods. 

The Felix Project provides a free door-to-door service to collect surplus food from suppliers and deliver it to charities. They provide food for nearly 3 million meals per year, and their operations are growing rapidly. From a standing start in 2016, They already work with around 200 charities and 200 suppliers helping disadvantaged adults and children get access to high quality food. Put simply, they’re saving food and changing lives.

The Felix project delivers fresh and nutritious food to charities and community groups to provide meals, snacks or food parcels for their clients who include the elderly, the homeless, those with mental health issues, refugees and asylum seekers, families and children.

Felix project has over 400 active volunteers powering their operations and donating countless hours to support The Felix Project staff manning their depots, driving their vans or cycling around London delivering food!

You can help through donations and volunteering. 

Each and every contribution from suppliers, supporters and volunteers helps save surplus food for people who would otherwise go hungry.

Your donation will ensure that less good food goes to landfill, incineration and anaerobic digestion, and instead it will reach people who would otherwise go hungry. 

Do you know anybody (people and/or businesses) who would be willing to pledge a gift before Friday 29 November 2019?

Help us raise £60,000 which would help Felix project rescue enough surplus food to make 120,000 meals over Christmas and the New Year which supports some of the most vulnerable people in London including the elderly, homeless, children and families, those suffering from mental health issues, youth and asylum seekers and refugees.

Campaigns such as this are integral to helping projects like this continue to provide good food for good causes throughout London. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for all that everyone does to support this cause.

Comment below. We are always interested in hearing about all your charity projects close to your heart.

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